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Scott Helman: The Hangups Tour

Apr062019Link to TwitterLink to Facebook

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Musically, the young singer-songwriter cites both current guitar-driven pop and classic alternative rock as his touchstones. 

"The more that I write music the more that I feel I'm curing myself." he explains. "How am I gonna be a better person and how am I gonna be a better lover? I have to figure out all those things that are knocking around in my head."

In addition to making music, Scott Helman is trying to use his voice to make a difference. Prior to the release of Augusta, Scott started a fan forum called Solve The Solvable. The Solve The Solvable is a Facebook page where fans can communicate with Scott and each other to inspire one another to make a difference in their communities.

Supporting Acts: RALPH & Myles Costello

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Scott Helman: The Hangups Tour