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Jessica Landoni: Colours, Shapes and Moods




'Colours, Shapes and Moods' is a collection of paintings and illustrations by North Bay based artist, Jessica Landoni. These works focus on her love of monochromatic palettes and use of colour to express her emotions. Through this collection the artist hopes to evoke a sense of tranquility, as she believes colours can have a soothing and therapeutic affect on the mind and soul. Many pieces in this collection reflect the artist's fascination with the female form and our culture's ongoing journey towards honouring and celebrating diversity in women's bodies. 

'Colours, Shapes and Moods' also features works that were created alongside Jessica's young son, to whom she credits as her inspiration for many of her cheerful and whimsical designs. Her affinity for minimalist design is represented in various abstract depictions of animals, landscapes and florals which can be found throughout this collection. 

Jessica is a self-taught painter and illustrator with an undergraduate degree in Media, Information and Techno culture. She comes from a long line of artists, but only recently herself delved into art as a career. As someone who is inspired by abstract design, her pieces refelct an affinity for clean lines and striking colour combinations. Jessica enjoys producing art for children and draws inspiration for her work by creating art with her son. 

Jessica Landoni: Colours, Shapes and Moods