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Kissing in the Dark: "The Secret Life of the Blues" Solo Exhibition By Fran Hanover




Step back in time to an era of liberation with  Kissing in the Dark: "The Secret Life of the Blues" a solo exhibition by Fran Hanover that celebrates the bold, brassy, and sometimes downright scandalous women of the early 20th century blues scene. In a time of profound social change, the blues emerged as a soundtrack to rebellion, challenging traditional gender roles and championing women's sexual liberation.

From Georgia White's cheeky "I'll Keep Sittin' On It" to Bessie Smith's unapologetic anthem "Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl," these paintings explore the taboo topics and raw emotions that defined the blues genre. Through their lyrics, these women fearlessly confronted the injustices and inequalities of their time, leaving an indelible mark on music history and feminist discourse.

Kissing in the Dark: