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Monochrome: Square foot show




For the Monochrome: Square foot show artists were provided with 12x12 canvases as a blank slate to manifest their artistic vision!

With over 30 artists participating in this unique group exhibition, February marked the commencement of this thrilling journey. Each artist selected a specific color that resonated with their artistic vision, thereby setting the tone for their creation. The challenge? To craft an extraordinary masterpiece using a monochromatic palette inspired by their chosen color.

A monochromatic palette, as the name suggests, comprises variations of a single color, allowing artists to explore depth and expression within a confined spectrum. The beauty of this challenge lies in its boundless freedom; artists are unrestricted in their choice of subject matter and mediums, limited only by the canvas provided. From oil to watercolor, sculpture to digital art, the possibilities are as diverse as the imaginations of our talented participants.

As anticipation mounts, we eagerly await the unveiling of these inspired works. Stay tuned to witness the culmination of artistic ingenuity and creative exploration at the Monochrome: Square Foot Show.

This exhibition will be on view from May 24th- July 20th, 2024.

Gallery Hours are as follows: Tuesday- Saturday 12-4pm + 1.5 hours before showtimes in the Capitol Centre Betty Speers theatre.

Monochrome: Square foot show