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'Retirement' Solo Exhibition by Allan Hirsh




"At the end of 2021, I sold my couch, gave away my filing cabinets and closed my office. For years, I sat at an old 1940's oak desk where I organized my notes and made new appointments. I loved my desk, but it was too heavy and large to move out of my office. After some thought, I figured out how to take the desk apart and move the wood into my studio. Since Spring of this year, I have been making art from the wood I salvaged." 

Allan Hirsh is a woodworker and a sculptor. He breathes new life into found objects and treasures that he has acquired over the years. Each piece has its own story and often ignites a sense of play. Over the last 22 years, Allan has exhibited his assemblages at the Kennedy Gallery, White Water Gallery, Temiskaming Art Gallery in Haileybury, Ferneyhough Contemporary Gallery, Novah Gallery, and the Coles Art Market in Huntsville. Allan has also been a published cartoonist. After 50 years as a psychotherapist, Allan has recently retired. His creativity and artistic expression has helped him stay relatively sane after all these years.

'Retirement' Solo Exhibition by Allan Hirsh