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Upon A Star: Solo Exhibition by Corbin Elliot




Exhibition details coming soon...


About the Artist:

Corbin Elliot is an emerging artist based in North Bay, specializing in contemporary painting approaches that idealize, confront or conceptualize fated aspects of our shared reality. Where his canvas becomes a personal journalistic excavation, such paintings inevitably come to reflect and interpret a unified humanity. At its core, 'Upon a Star', honours the range of human experiences as indebted to a life of continuous growth and transformation. Woven together through repeated iconography and symbolism, he creates a visual language that engages in dialogue surrounding the surreal nature of our lives and eternally liminal presence amongst the stars we reside. 

Immersive in the sense of their execution, Corbin’s works introduce novel techniques and sculptural paint application to enhance the delivery of such themes. The result demands to be seen in person, transcending the painting’s two-dimensional plane and dismantling the boundaries between image and the viewer’s position.

Upon A Star: Solo Exhibition by Corbin Elliot