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Artist Life Stories - Susan Aglukark



Captiol Centre Presents

Welcome to the Artist Life Stories speaker series where renowned Canadian artists discuss their craft with series host Cameron Smillie.

Each event is like a perfectly mixed cocktail. Two parts conversation, one part show and tell, one part question and answer and always splashed with a dash of the unexpected. Each speaker event includes two 45 minute sets and ends with a post-show question and answer session from the stage. Each artist will bring their journey to life. And, everyone comes away with the true story behind the artist.  Get ready for on-stage conversations interspersed with live music, videos and “show and tell”. Each night will be unique! Oh, and always a post show meet and greet.

Susan Aglukark - Canada's Arctic Rose 

Truly one of Canada’s most significant cultural treasures. Apart from being a beautiful singer and powerful songwriter, she provides a significant view to the culture of our northern communities. A musician whose blend of Folk music traditions with Country music and pop songwriting has made her a major recording star in Canada. Her most successful single is "O_Siem", which reached No. 1 on the Canadian country and adult contemporary charts in 1995. Overall, she has released seven studio albums and has won three Juno Awards. In addition, she recently received the 2022 Special Humanitarian Juno award presented by Music Canada!

Artist Life Stories - Susan Aglukark