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The Capitol Centre’s goal is to bring people and the community together through the world of arts. As a volunteer, your job is to ensure the safety and security of our patrons and to act as tactful ambassadors of goodwill to the public attending performances. You are a vital component of this goal, as you are the public face of the organization and an essential part of the team.

There are lots of reasons to become a volunteer at the Capitol Centre...

Time spent at the Capitol Centre can provide a whole new skill set:


What volunteer opportunities does the Capitol Centre offer?

            The Capitol Centre has 3 main avenues of volunteering:

FOH (Front-of-House)

WKP Kennedy Gallery


Other opportunities

How old do you have to be to volunteer at the Capitol Centre?

            We have volunteer opportunities available for anyone 14 years of age or older.


For any other questions about the Capitol Centre’s volunteer program, please contact the Audience Services Coordinator ([email protected] or 705-474-1944 ext. 224.)