We are extremely grateful to our members who generously support their theatre year after year.  Become a member of the Capitol Centre and help us make arts and entertainment accessible to everyone.

As our way of saying thank you, check out the latest member benefits:

Arts Supporter

$50 Annually 

Arts Ambassador

$100 Annually

Includes all lower level perks plus:

Arts Benefactor

$250 Annually

Includes all lower level perks plus:

Arts Visionary

$500 Annually

Includes perks from all of the above, plus:


*Preferred seats to be chosen when purchasing Arts Benefactor or Arts Visionary membership. Seats will be held for member pre-sale and released when public on sale starts.

Memberships can be purchased:

Please note: You must fully complete your Membership purchase or renewal transaction before ticket discounts are enabled.


Thank you to our amazing members for your continued support!

Arts Visionary

Anita & Ted Chase
Don & Nora Coutts 
Doug Jeffery 
Rod Johnston 

Ian Mizzi
David & Cindy Pisaric
Stephanie Ramsay

Cecelia & Wolf Seidler
Morgan Winn

Arts Benefactor

Shannon Avery
David & Marsha Barker
Blake & Michelina Beam
Jenna Bitis
Bryon & Peggy Bonell
Stephen Boyle
David Briggs
Jack Bryce
Debbie Campbell & Gil McElroy
Brian Couchie
Blue Collar DJ
Peter Delean
Helen Gobby
Jan Lundquist & Mike Gurini
Renee Hacquard
Doug & Sandra Hay
Bob & Debbie Hudson
Lise & Kaelen Hughson
Lina Hunter
Bob Huston
Michael Johnson
Susan Johnston
Jack & Mary Ann Jones
Irene Katsiapis
Angela & Geoffrey Larmer
Don & Cathy McCallum
Marika Nagasawa
Cheryl Noel
Renee & David Oliver
The Cottage Quilter
Louise Sargent
David Smits
Jo Stadnyk
Sharon Switzer
Helen Truskoski
Susan Van der Rassel