The Next Generation Education Series is dedicated to inspiring youth with the performing arts through performances that have been specifically curated for young audiences. Programming will offer ways to complement the curriculum, with the intention of being more than a traditional field trip. Instead, they are unique and thrilling cultural experiences that support the development of creative students who, in turn, build creative communities.

The 2024-25 series offers four shows, each with its own education package to help educators link the shows’ content to the curriculum. These performances are being offered exclusively as part of the education series and will not be available to the public. There are no ticketing costs for the attendees.


Dufflebag Theatre Presents: Snow White/Blanche Neige

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2024, 10:00 am (English) & 1:00 pm(Biligual)    

Show Description: The Queen has always been the “fairest in the land”. Her Magic Mirror tells her so! But when the Queen hears that Snow White has surpassed her, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of her… forever! Fortunately, Snow White escapes into the Deep Dark Woods, where she chances on a tiny cottage. Little does she know that the Seven Dwarves living there will help save her! The classic story of our heroine, as she encounters hapless Huntsmen, bad apples, and little men with big hearts and short tempers, comes to life as DuffleBag helps Snow White towards her “happily ever after”!

“An interactive and participatory version of the classic fairy tale story brought to life through the imagination of the students in attendance.”

Recommended for Grades JK through 7

Curriculum Connections/Themes: Improvisational theatre as a creative means to adapt conventional storylines, Using props and costumes to portray different characters and change scenes, Character Development, Literacy, French Education


The Alphabet of Awesome Science

Monday, Mar. 24, 2025, 10:00 am

Show Description: Join professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge (the Word Nerd and the Science Freak) for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet — where great big chewy sesquipedalian words inspire mind-blowing scientific surprises. Professor Lexi Con has curated a curious collection of her favourite words (one for every letter of the alphabet) with each word providing Professor Noel Edge with an inspirational jumping off point for 26 quirky scientific demonstrations – that squish and squirt, float and fly, erupt and explode. Together, this dad-joke quipping, prank-pulling pair of polished professors strut their stuff in a performance that’s equal parts explosive, messy, spectacular, hilarious, fascinating and gross. Brace yourself for an immersive hour of carefully crafted alphabetical, scientifical (award-winning!) chaos!

Recommended for Grades 1 through 8

Curriculum Connections/Themes: Linguistics, Science (Chemical, Physical, Biological, Earth and Space)


Cirque Kalabante: Afrique en Cirque

Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2025, 12:30 pm

Show Description: A Journey to African soil where the sets and costumes pay homage to the Guinean diaspora. High-level acrobatics, innovative choreography and colourful rhythms take flight in this one of a kind performance.

Recommended for Grades 1 through 12

Curriculum Connections/Themes: Global Cultural Awareness, Music, Dance & Movement, Teamwork, Overcoming Adversity.


Kattam and His Tam-Tams

Tuesday, May 13, 2025, 10:00 am (English version) & 1:00 pm (French version)

Show Description: To the sound of the n'goni, balafon, djembe, naffar, derbouka and dhol, percussionist Kattam invites you to discover Africa, the Middle East and India through rhythm, song and dance! From African rap and desert dance to trance sufi rhythm and Bollywood dance. Accompanied by his monkey, Takoum, Kattam never fails to enrol his audience! An incredible multicultural adventure.

Recommended for Kindergarten through Grade 6

Curriculum Connections/Themes: Global Cultural Awareness, Music, Dance & Movement


Educators interested in bringing their group or class can contact [email protected] to reserve their spot before the summer break.

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