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Clash of the Canvas - Live Stream Painting Contest

By | July 16, 2021

Clash of the Canvas was a huge success and we are proud to annouce our two winners- that's right, two! The final vote was a tie between Rana Thomas and Ivy Ireland! These two artists charmed the live stream crowd with their vibrant paintings and ended up both taking home the grand prize. Couldn't make it to the live stream? Here is a re cap for you. 

The night started out with anxious hands and nervous whispers, from the artists and the gallery crew, as this was the first event that has been held in so long. The artists all introduced themselves and made up their paint pallets and set up their painting stations. Once mics had been checked and the live cameras were up it was time to begin. We had a lovely intro by the head of the Capitol Centre, Dan, and then our fearless leader and director of the WKP, Alix, was up to introduce our starts. We had Artina Voz, Julie Bedard, Rana Thomas, Ivy Ireland, and Alexandre Aimee up on the stage brushes at the ready. The countdown was on and 20 minutes was on the clock. The artists painted furiously, while the assistant curator, Virginia, took action shots and Alix played DJ. We had our amazing tech crew from the Capitol Centre making sure every part went smoothly, and boy did it ever! 

Quicker than anyone could have imagined, especially the artists I'm sure, the 20 mintues were up and it was time for the live stream audience to cast their votes. A pole was set up and they had 7 minutes to choose their favourite. During this time, the WKP ladies cleaned up the stage, washed brushes, and got ready for round two. Finally, it was time to find out who our two finalists were; Rana and Ivy! They rushed back up on stage, remade their pallets, got to their easels, and readied their brushes yet again. The 20 minutes began and away they went! Paint was flying, brushes were falling, and the time was counting down. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1! The timer buzzed and the artists were done. Both their pieces were vibrant and lush with colour, man was this going to be a hard decision. We left it up to our viewers to choose their winner and it was close. Down to the final second votes were coming in and at last, it was a tie! Both Ivy and Rana finished with 50 votes each, placing them both in first place for the first ever Clash of the Canvas! All the artists cheered on the winners and the event came to a beautiful conclusion. 

We are so grateful to everyone who helped make this event possible. If you haven't caught the live show yet, make sure to check out the video on the Capitol Centre's event page to see it first hand!