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Downtown Zumba Makes Popular Return

By | September 18, 2019

The WKP Kennedy Gallery just wrapped up its first free Monday zumba session in partnership with The Studio North Bay.

Participants were able to dance the time away while admiring pieces from our permanent collection, specifically art by Bert Weir. The massive paintings provided a beautiful backdrop as participants moved to the beat of the energetic music and instructions of teacher Macrina Perron.

“I used to teach a bunch of classes at our old location, on Wyld Street, and it was a huge component of my productive work day,” says Perron. “I loved having that workout in the middle of the day, it just kind of gave me a boost. So, losing that was hard for me when we changed locations.

“Just being back downtown, offering a lunch class and having an opportunity to sweat midday not far from the office. it was great,” Perron continues. “We had a room full of people, the energy was incredible and I think that it’s going to be a great partnership.”

The gallery is just around the corner from The Studio’s previous location, making it the perfect pop-up location to welcome the downtown community. Perron’s energy and love for the community brightened up everyone’s Monday.

We at the gallery, are excited to be a part of bringing zumba back to the downtown area by allowing participants to take advantage of our larger gallery space. It gives zumba-goers a change of scenery while introducing them to what the gallery has to offer.

Interested in joining the fun? There are still two more free classes to go. Drop by the WKP Kennedy Gallery on either Monday Sept. 23 or 30 for 30 minutes (starting at 12:15 PM) of exercise, culture and energizing music.

Dana Westerberg is gallery assistant at the WKP Kennedy Gallery