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Gallery Rejoices in Welcoming Back Guests- Nugget Article

By | November 05, 2020

Halloween at the WKP was a huge success as we opened our exhibition Honest Magic by Studio Nude Beach.

After creating a controlled event, advertising and making sure we had all the equipment down to be completely safe and sanitized, we opened our doors for our first in-person event since the reopening of the gallery.

Both of our viewings times, day and night, booked up and we were thrilled to see many familiar faces, as well as some new ones as guests entered our surreal new world the very talented artists of Studio Nude Beach created.

Honest Magic was not the only exhibition to get some love this weekend, as Hindsight 2020 is up and running in our smaller gallery space.

Many of our guests have been touched by the pieces that have been created during quarantine and are able to connect with what the artists of our community were feeling as they made their pieces.

With paintings, drawings, sculptures and multi media pieces, Hindsight 2020 really captured the essence of what living in North Bay during the quarantine was all about and how our community members dealt with the sudden change of lifestyle.

The knowledge that, even during these uncertain times, galleries can continue to remain open and thriving is warming to our hearts and we could tell this is what the community needed — a night out that was safe and controlled, but filled with wonder and magic.

After the night was over, we rejoiced over the amount of positivity brought to the gallery space and the overwhelming sense that pure happiness had filled the air for even just one day and night.

It was during this time that so many told us they would soon be back for their own private viewings so they could enjoy the space even more and take all the pictures they desired.

Honest Magic is an immersive experience while Hindsight 2020 is a real and touching look into our own backyards, and many wanted to be able to come back and take their time interacting with the spaces on their own. This can be done by going on the gallery website and booking your own personal gallery viewing.

Going from having zero interaction with one another to being able to view works of art with the artists themselves in a space that values everyone was as needed for our guests as it was for us.

Our gallery space is one of shared ideas and passions, and now that the dust has been lifted and the doors flung wide open, the community can expect more from the gallery as we continue forward.

We have new projects and events in the works and we encourage everyone to keep an eye out for our updates on social media. We promise to continuing working hard to engage the people of North Bay with thought-provoking exhibitions and safe visiting conditions. And we hope to see more days like Halloween — days filled with laughter, conversation and smiles (even if we can’t see them just yet)!