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Past Exhibit: Carter's Solo Exhibition Finds its Wings

By | May 31, 2018

Her paintings may be of birds that can no longer fly, but there’s no keeping this emerging young artist from spreading her wings. For Jackie Carter, having a solo exhibition at the WKP Kennedy Gallery has solidified her position as an integral part of the local arts community, and has led the way for a bright career as a painter.

Her exhibition, titled The Moulting Period, asks viewers to consider the meaning of having value within society.

“If a bird cannot fly, is it still a bird? Is it whole?” she asks. “Through painted imagery of dead, flightless birds, I question the expectations which are attached to the functionality of a creature, and how this informs its identity.”

Through this exploration of rejuvenation and identity transformation in her artwork, the emerging contemporary painter from Edmonton, discovered her own identity and sense of purpose during her years spent studying fine arts at Nipissing University. Mentored by artists such as Paul Kelly (currently on display at the Kennedy Gallery), she was encouraged to explore colour theory, texture and abstraction.

“I am interested in what happens when a subject does not fulfil its perceived primary functional role,” she continues. “Re-purposing fabrics and frames, these elements are given new life."

Carter’s process of ripping and stitching discarded materials presents new possibilities in the things we often consider to be ‘waste’. Like our own experiences, it forces us to think creatively about the cycle of life.

More than 40 people were invited to touch her canvases during a lively exhibition reception on May 18.

“Whenever someone sees a dead bird, they’ll think of me. So that’s pretty cool, I suppose,” laughs Carter.

The Moulting Period will be on display until June 22. 

The next paint night will be held June 5, 7-9 p.m., and guided by renowned Canadian artist Jack Lockhart. All required materials are included in the ticket price of $35. Sip wine and learn to paint, no previous experience necessary. Interested participants can register by calling the box office at the Capitol Centre or by purchasing their tickets online at

Lockhart has been painting for more than 40 years and his work is found in private and corporate collections around the world. He is a valued artist in North Bay, and the gallery is honoured to have him lead us in a watercolour paint night.

An exhibition of Lockhart’s recent work will be hung in the WKP Kennedy Gallery this coming July.

Vanessa Tignanelli is a former member of staff at WKP Kennedy Gallery


Previously published by The North Bay Nugget, May 31, 2018

Written by Vanessa Tignanelli