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Opening Reception for May Exhibitions


Join us May 24th 6-8pm for the opening reception of our upcoming group exhibition called Monochrome: Square Foot Show and 'Another Way Home' a solo exhibition by Michael Couchie.




For this captivating group exhibition, the WKP has provided artists with 12x12 canvases as a blank slate to manifest their artistic visions. This endeavor not only celebrates individual creativity but also cultivates a spirit of community and collaboration.

With over 30 artists passionately participating in this unique group exhibition, February marked the commencement of this thrilling journey. Each artist selected a specific color that resonated with their artistic vision, thereby setting the tone for their creation. The challenge? To craft an extraordinary masterpiece using a monochromatic palette inspired by their chosen color.

A monochromatic palette, as the name suggests, comprises variations of a single color, allowing artists to explore depth and expression within a confined spectrum. The beauty of this challenge lies in its boundless freedom; artists are unrestricted in their choice of subject matter and mediums, limited only by the canvas provided. From oil to watercolor, sculpture to digital art, the possibilities are as diverse as the imaginations of our talented participants.

As anticipation mounts, we eagerly await the unveiling of these inspired works. Stay tuned to witness the culmination of artistic ingenuity and creative exploration at the Monochrome: Square Foot Show.

This exhibition will be on view from May 24th- July 20th, 2024.



This exhibition will be on view from May 24th- July 20th, 2024. Exhibtion details coming soon...



" As an Anishnabe person there’s so much reflected about who I am in my work, but it’s not based on specific indigenous mythology. I’m a digital and multimedia artist who works with a variety if mediums. The style of my most recent work is inspired by Woodlands aesthetic.

People have asked, “What do you think the audience sees when they look at your work?”

My art is about design, and what I’m doing with colour and design has to look good to me. I tell people design satisfies what I’m attempting at the time. It satisfies something within me, and to define and explain is difficult sometimes. it could change tomorrow or a year from now. It’s ever chancing.

At the present time, I am drawing on computer tablet and then manipulate with computer software. As I go along, I am able  to control what I’m doing to a certain degree. It’s not happenstance; I know how my art work will react to the manipulation of the software.

My process of creating is similar to a math problem. How do I put A and B together to make C?

Thinking abstractly drives me in my process, and sometimes I know what I am trying to achieve, but there is also a point in which I start drawing and I let it go from there.

I create art that excites me, sometimes people view my work and they’re not as excited as I am, but what I learned in the process of art making isn’t lost on me. It’s up to my audience to interpret and decide what thy think of the final product.

There are many possibilities in work in the digital process. The art work can be printed in a variety of formats and some as large as a billboard, but at the end of the day, I think my work is unique because it comes from inside myself.” - Michael Couchie

Opening Reception for May Exhibitions